La Marina San Fulgencio Villas for Sale

La Marina San Fulgencio Villas for Sale

2016 has consolidated the recovery in the real estate market of Spain

The latest statistics from the sector suggest that 2016 will close at 380,000 operations, 15% more than in 2015.

This year all the indicators of the real estate sector confirm that the Spanish real estate sector has recovered from its serious crisis: it increases the purchase of housing, so do the mortgages granted, the price of flats, new building visas ... Still Far from the figures for 2007 when they reached 800,000 operations.

But being away from the figures of the real estate bubble, as the experts point out, is a very good sign. In principle, the risk of something similar happening is very low, since it seems that we have learned the lessons of the past. If the sector finds itself again at a good time it is mainly due to the following reasons:

Housing prices rise, but moderately.

While sales data and mortgage lending have skyrocketed, the price of housing rises more moderately. The data of each of the sources only seems to coincide for now in one thing, and is that the trend goes in the same direction: up.

Mortgage credit is the main stimulus to the purchase of housing.

The mortgage market now shows favourable conditions for the indebtedness of families, who continue to reduce their mortgage debt, which is at the lowest levels since the beginning of the crisis. At present, mortgages have interest rates that remain at a low level, which in general means that households are less indebted and have higher rent, two factors that encourage investment in housing.

The new construction of properties is coming back, albeit slowly.

It seems that the interest in new housing has been aroused again, and that the data still do not reflect it. The experts do seem to agree that during 2017 and 2018 we will see the cranes again in many places, although certainly not at the level of the bubble years. The reason why the new work has not reached the official data is because the houses bought on plane take more time in writing.

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